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LORETA Z Score Workshops by the Sea.   Attend a Clinical EEG Z-Score Workshop on a Caribbean  Cruise - Mix Pleasure and Education

Sign up for a seven day Carribbean cruise (Jan. 8 to Jan. 18, 2014) with presentations by Robert Thatcher, Ph.D. and Joel Lubar, Ph.D.  Two full day workshops (8 am to 3:30 pm Bootcamps) that focus on patient assessment, qEEG recordings and LORETA Z Score Biofeedback.  Three days of three hour morning workshops and a 3rd full day (8 am to 3:30 pm) for summary, review and scientific presentations.   

Continuing education credits (CEUs) are available for BCIA accreditation and other accreditation organizations.   Bring your amplifiers and electrocaps for purposes of hands on exercises in EEG acquisition, artifact rejection, clinic report generation and LORETA Z Score Biofeedback.  Learn how to assess and then treat a variety of clinical disorders.  Learn about the latest advancements in qEEG research and EEG biofeedback.

What is Included?

  • From traditional fine dining to endless buffets with custom-order action stations, there is a host of delicious options included in your cruise fare. And for a cover charge, you'll also have access to a world of possibilities including gourmet French, Japanese Teppanyaki, a traditional steakhouse and more over 20 different dining options in all.
  • Blue Man Group, The Second City comedy troupe in the Caribbean, a state-of-the-art fitness center, the Aqua Park, hot tubs, climbing and rappelling walls, bars and lounges of all kinds, a kid's center, teen disco and more are all on board.
  • Flexible accommodations ranging from our new Studios designed and priced specifically for the solo traveler to the over-the-top opulence of Norwegian Epic's Suites & The Haven.

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What you will learn

Learn how to start with the patient's clinical history and symptoms and hypothesize how the brain's localization of function properties are liked to the patient's clinical history.

Learn how to import digital EEG data and to visually examine the EEG tracings and how to recognize artifact and how to re-montage (average reference, Laplacian, Bipolar, common reference by a mouse click).

Learn how to Automatically Eliminate artifact and how to measure the Test Re-Test Reliability and the quality of your recordings.

Learn how to examine EEG traces and with a few mouse clicks probe visual events in the EEG tracings.  Learn how to avoid bias in the selections of EEG for QEEG analysis. 

Learn how to minimize the effects of medication by using the Laplacian transform.

Learn how to use LORETA to confirm localization hypotheses to help link the localization of the "weak" functional systems of the brain related to the patient's symptoms in contrast to "Compensatory" systems.  

Learn how to interpret power, coherence and phase delays in terms of convergent anatomical information and again link to the patient's symptoms.

Learn how to interpret discriminant functions and to hypothesize links between the discriminant function and the patient's clinical history.

Learn how to efficiently write a clinic report by linking the diffuse and localized EEG measures to Brain Function and to the patient’s clinical history and symptoms.

Learn how to immediately begin Neurofeedback in the same session using a Symptom Check List to generate functional localization hypotheses and to test the hypotheses using the patient's QEEG Z Scores by simple mouse clicks.   

Learn how to develop an individualized neurofeedback protocol based on the strategy to minimize abnormal EEG deviations integrated with other measures including the patients clinical history and the clinician's judgment.

Learn how to conduct statistical pre vs post treatment color topographic maps of a 19 channel Z score biofeedback session.   

and much more ....  while at sea....